Allergy Desensitization

Allergies are an exaggerated response to commonly occurring substances and often occur when the autonomic nervous system (ANS) has been triggered by stressors including infection, chronic and acute stress, malnutrition, and toxic exposure. The goal of allergy desensitization is to address all of those possibilities as well as decrease the reactivity of the immune system with a variety of contributing factors being taken into account. There are several techniques utilized in allergy desensitization including ANS reprogramming, oral immunotherapy drops, and more in addition to exploring the causative factors for the immune system disturbance leading to the development of allergies.

Allergy serums customized for you are a keystone in the treatment of your allergies. The serums cause the immune system to build up blocking antibodies that turn off the allergic response, and may even eliminate the allergy, given an appropriate length of treatment. When combined with Allergy Elimination Therapy, which helps calm the autonomic nervous system, you can find relief from allergies and may get better faster.
Once the allergens have been identified, a treatment strategy will be developed based on serums. Ora immunotherapy for treating allergies will reduce or suppress the immune response to the allergy. It decreases the allergic response to allergens and balances the immune system.A balanced immune system is better able to handle the offending allergen, so that allergic reactions are decreased or may even disappear.
Electrodermal screening can also be used to formulate the correct dilution of your serum. Customized serums are delivered in the form of shots or oral drops and address the immunological component of allergies. Patients will build up to the correct dosage of serums and their progress will be monitored. On average, patients report relief from allergy symptoms within 6-12 weeks of starting treatment. Patients report tolerating the serum treatment with mild to no side effects and can self-administer at home.

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