Schedule Autonomic Response Testing Today!

ART is an advanced form of muscle testing that involves measuring the body’s response to various stimuli that we introduce energetically. The process is very streamlined and involves a simple cheek swab that is mailed to us for analysis after the initial intake. The analysis process takes us about 2 hours but it only takes the patient the amount of time that it takes to mail the swab and speak with the doctor. The initial intake is between 30-60 minutes via telemedicine, the sample is sent and once received will be ready for discussion within one week. At the second meeting, allot 30 minutes to review the results and your plan. When the cheek sample is sent, please include any supplements, foods, etc that you would like tested for if they are things you consume on a frequent basis. Because the process is so detailed and time consuming for the practitioner, the rate ($500 for the first appointment and analysis and $200 for the review) is slightly higher than the new patient fee that does not include the testing.