Allergy Testing

We offer non-invasive allergy testing through electrodermal screening or autonomic response testing as well as fingerstick kits, blood draws, or skin prick testing most of which can be done in the comfort of your own home.

We utilize major nationwide labs like Quest or Labcorp to do blood testing for both IgE and IgG mediated allergies to environmental and food allergens in order to provide those with health insurance the opportunity to get the testing covered. We also use independent labs for more intricate testing like metal and chemical allergies or more extensive food and environmental allergy panels. Your doctor will determine what the best fit is for you at your appointment.

Oral immunotherapy/ Needle Free Allergy Desensitization and Testing: During the testing phase we use a painless, needle free biofeedback tool, Electrodermal Screening (EAV) to scan the major body systems, identify allergens and establish the individual's formulation for allergy serums. Complete screening for molds, pollen, inhalants (dust, smuts, animal dander), phenol, glycerin, and TOE is done and if you wish to do additional testing we can order labs through either a blood draw with your insurance covered lab or a finger stick kit that costs under $200. If indicated, testing and treatment for chemicals, hormones, and food sensitivities will be administered. After this initial 60 minute visit, which includes a comprehensive medical and environmental history, a clear picture of your health status and disturbances in your body which may contribute to allergy will emerge.