Preventive Medicine

Gene expression refers to how often or when proteins are created from the instructions within your genes. While genetic changes can alter which protein is made, epigenetic changes affect gene expression to turn genes “on” and “off.” Since your environment and behaviors, such as diet and exercise, can result in epigenetic changes, it is easy to see the connection between your genes and your behaviors and environment.

Oral immunotherapy/ Needle Free Allergy Desensitization and Testing: During the testing phase we use a painless, needle free biofeedback tool, Electrodermal Screening (EAV) to scan the major body systems, identify allergens and establish the individual's formulation for allergy serums. Complete screening for molds, pollen, inhalants (dust, smuts, animal dander), phenol, glycerin, and TOE is done and if you wish to do additional testing we can order labs through either a blood draw with your insurance covered lab or a finger stick kit that costs under $200. If indicated, testing and treatment for chemicals, hormones, and food sensitivities will be administered. After this initial 60 minute visit, which includes a comprehensive medical and environmental history, a clear picture of your health status and disturbances in your body which may contribute to allergy will emerge.

Allergy serums customized for you are the treatment for allergies. The serums cause the immune system to build up blocking antibodies that turn off the allergic response, and may even eliminate the allergy, given an appropriate length of treatment. When combined with Allergy Elimination Therapy, which helps calm the autonomic nervous system, you can find relief from allergies and may get better faster.

Once the allergens have been identified, a treatment strategy will be developed based on serums. Sublingual (under the tongue) immunotherapy for treating allergies will reduce or suppress the immune response to the allergy. It decreases the allergic response to allergens and balances the immune system.A balanced immune system is better able to handle the offending allergen, so that allergic reactions are decreased or may even disappear.

Electrodermal screening is used to formulate the correct dilution of your serum. Customized serums are delivered in the form of shots or oral drops and address the immunological component of allergies. On subsequent visits the patient will build up to the correct dosage of serums and their progress will be monitored. On average, patients report relief from allergy symptoms within 6-12 weeks of starting treatment. Once patients are safely tolerating the serum treatment they may be allowed to self-administer at home.

Preventive medicine is the practice of promoting preventive health care to improve patient well-being. The goal is to ultimately prevent disease, disability, and premature death by maximizing the best diet, lifestyle, and supplement choices for your unique body.

Utilizing family history, genetic testing, a thorough intake, and pharmacogenetic testing we can determine how to make you the healthiest version of yourself. We will help you optimize your body systems so that you will get sick less, feel your best, and age gracefully.